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Two local businesses denied alcohol sales

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has updated its on-line posting of Minnesota businesses prohibited from purchasing liquor, beer or wine to resell, and two area business are on the list.

El Metate LLC in Detroit Lakes and Elkhorn Outfitters Lake Resort & Spa in Frazee are both listed.

The department updates the list each month to reflect companies that have failed to pay taxes to the state.

The department posts a list of active liquor establishments that owe delinquent state taxes and therefore are prohibited from purchasing alcoholic beverages to resell.

Distributors are prohibited from the sale or delivery to the listed businesses.

Businesses on the list have delinquent taxes in any of the following categories: Sales, withholding, partnership, S corporations and corporate.

Minnesota sales and withholding taxes are "trust taxes" in that customers or employees pay these taxes with the expectation that businesses will remit them to the state on their behalf.

It cannot be used by a business as additional operating capital or for any other purpose.