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Smith joins DL's Travel Travel, like her mother

Travel Travel in the Washington Square Mall has a new travel consultant.

Kristi Smith joined the team in November after graduating from Frazee High School.

Smith, who lost her mother, Gaylene, will be following in her mother's footsteps as a travel consultant.

Gaylene Smith had worked for Travel Travel for 10 years and is the reason her daughter is now entering the travel industry.

"She took us on our first trip when I was in the second grade and every other year after that," said Smith, "and I just fell in love with traveling."

Smith is doing on-site training at Travel Travel, including web training.

Located in the front lobby, Smith will be responsible for helping customers find the right kind of vacation for their needs, arranging flights, hotels, cruises and much more.

"The younger generation is so computer savvy," said Travel Travel Manager Cheryl Chivers, "so she has brought that to Travel Travel, and that's such a plus in our business because then she's able to easily work with the younger generation -- we're excited to have her here with her new, young ideas."