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Wieland honored for Super Service

Brenda Wieland (left) won the Super Service Award from the Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce. DLCCC CEO Stu Omberg (right) and other fellow employees were there to suprise her with the award, which is handed out quarterly.

Brenda Wieland had no idea why people were standing outside the door of her DLCCC office Monday, but when Chamber of Commerce President Carrie Johnston walked in with a bouquet of flowers, she knew.

Wieland was honored with the Chamber's Super Service Award, which is handed out quarterly to Chamber members who go above and beyond for their customers.

An unknown person in the community nominated her.

"Brenda always gives excellent customer service - whether it's a membership, giving a tour, dealing with co-workers or her daily job duties -- she is thorough, kind, generous and caring," Johnston said of Wieland's anonymous nomination, "She always has a smile on her face too.  She goes the extra mail to do her job well for DLCCC, as well as our members.   She finishes a project to completion - always wanting to do her best.  If she doesn't have the answer, she'll find it for you or lead you to where it can be found.  She is very deserving of this award.  She works on the fitness side of DLCCC, but has also worked the theatre side - volunteering at times.  She wants the best for her family and friends, too."

Wieland, who has worked at the DLCCC since 2003, says her favorite part of the job is the customers.

"Part of the job I love the most is being able to see the people that come back and forth through here everyday," said Wieland, "to be able to build a relationship and help people work with their billing arrangements and insurance and all that -- it can be challenging, but most of the time it can be a lot of fun."

Wieland lives in Detroit Lakes with her husband, Charlie.

They have four children -- Andrew, Angela, Emily and Ben.