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Park Rapids Teamworks facility shut down due to ailing labor market

Teamworks, Inc. will close later this month but remain a non-profit company so it can open up again once the economy turns around. (Anna Erickson/Enterprise)

PARK RAPIDS - Teamworks, Inc. in Park Rapids will close its doors later this month but could reopen as the economy turns around.

Teamworks has provided training for computer and numerically controlled machining and welding, said Arlan Kangas, CEO and member of the board of directors.

"There have been cut backs in those jobs not only in Park Rapids, but all over," Kangas said.

Teamworks was founded in the mid-90s and Kangas has been on the board since the beginning. Over the years, many people have received training for jobs in the area.

Although the doors will be closing, Teamworks will still exist as a non-profit company so it can open up again if the labor market calls for it, Kangas said.

"We will just be idling the operation due to the lack of labor demand," he said. "There is no demand for training right now. We want to preserve the corporation but reduce expenses."

Express Personnel, a subsidiary of Teamworks, will also close.

"We're going to discontinue our ownership of the franchise," Kangas said.

Teamworks had already been downsizing its operation.

"We've gone from probably 16 employees to three or four," he said. "We'll go to zero employees sometime later this month."

But Kangas is optimistic that as the economy turns around there is a possibility of hiring people again and resuming training.

"We actually have not sold any of the training equipment," he said. "That has been stored so we can resume operations once the economy improves."