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School attracts students with learning disabilities

Imagine kids who are excited about summer school, learning how to read and write and even practice these skills at home! You’ll find them attending Summer School at Groves Academy in St. Louis Park where school administrators say they’re attracting the highest number of applicants — ever — for this unique 1-12 program designed to help “jumpstart” kids with learning and attention disorders.

In fact, Groves’ teachers are working with more students in the summer than they did during the previous school year: 145 students are enrolled in the four-week program, 83 students come for individual tutoring in reading and writing, and dozens of students come to Groves Academy for Diagnostic Testing.

“By using our scientifically-based approach in small, personalized group settings, we tackle these students’ stumbling blocks to reading and writing, and prepare them to excel in their own schools next fall,” said Head of School John Alexander.