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Holly McCamant: Frazee’s extreme meet is best in state

I run through the barn and by the lake, passing groups of people who started out way too fast.

For some reason, I have a lot of energy. I’ve been planning for this race — making sure I get enough sleep, water, protein, and carbohydrates.

We soon run into the forest. From there, we run into the field. I am having the best race I have ever run. My mile and two mile splits are a record speed. I’ve never had a good race at this meet, but this one has to be the one.

Yes, my race started great. I had planned to go through the creek and then catch up with my friend/competitor Shayley, who later placed 10th.

I was especially determined to do well, because ever since I could run at this meet, it hasn’t gone well. I did really bad in seventh grade, was sick in eighth grade, and missed placing by one place last year.

However, I don’t share the same dislike of running at Hawley and running this meet. Even though it’s never gone well for me, I still look forward to running the Frazee Cross Country Extreme Meet.

If you haven’t read the article in the Becker County Record about Frazee’s home meet, here’s the rundown. We have the best home meet in the state. It’s not on a nicely mowed golf course or park. Nope, we go rugged.

Teams run though a barn, creek, on top of large hay bales, and jump over small hay bales.

I’ve always wanted to do well at my home meet. So I was happy as I gently jumped into the creek … and I got worried. I soon realized that I was limping as I went up the hill.

That was the end of my perfect race. When I landed in the creek, something felt wrong in my knee. All of a sudden, I wasn’t focused on catching up with Shayley. I was worried about finishing.

After about 100 meters of fast limping/galloping because I straight out refused to walk, I could run again. Thankfully, no one passed me. I ran straight to the finish.

Despite a perfect two miles, I had a bad race at the Frazee Fischer Farm meet. I’m still upset about it, especially since our team was four points from winning. If I hadn’t hurt my knee, I could have caught up to Shayley, and our team would have won.

However, this meet wasn’t just about me. My teammates and friends had a great meet.

Shayley, who is my friend, even though we tend to finish about the same time in both cross country and track, placed. I am happy that she did well and have no doubt that she is going to have great ninth grade cross country and track seasons.

My teammates/running buddies Megan and Ellie placed pretty high. However, the coolest race story award goes to our German exchange student. She found another girl from Germany with the same name. This is strange because both girls have a very rare name, even in Germany. Her positive energy helped me feel better when went back home.

In the end, it’s not all that bad. I am only out for three days. Our amazing meet made the front page of the Record. I would like to thank my wonderful dad for all of his time into organizing this year’s meet, as well as the other volunteers and people who let us use their land. Your generosity was worth it.

Holly McCamant is a sophomore at Frazee-Vergas High School.