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Christopher Damlo column: I pray for a snow day

It's gloomy, it's cold, the sky is blotted by a thick white sleeting downpour.

Yes, it is what you think, it is a winter storm! All adults are thinking "Oh dear lord, now I have to shovel." All the young people are thinking (and praying) "Please, oh please, let school be late .... or canceled!"

Come on you know you all did it as kids. I mean who doesn't adore a snow day every now and then? Sleeping in, snuggling up in your blanket, reading an incredible book by the fire (or whatever cozy place you have instead of a fireplace).

The unfortunate repercussion of a snow day is that we have to make it up. However, if we're two hours late, or go home early...we do not have to make that day up!

Back in the day when I was young, I recall praying almost every winter morning for there to be a no-school announcement, but to my dismay my pleading did not produce any positive results.

All I wanted was to swim in the billowing piles of snow. To build forts, have snowball fights with the neighbors, and possibly contract the bubonic plague or frostbite.

The snow (without the un-godly, undesirable cold) has always been the best tool for playing in. If I wasn't making snowmen and decapitating them with my light saber, I was making a castle of ice and fortifying it with frozen munitions and soldiers.

In the snow I was the God of my own creations, I could achieve anything. I was the alpha and omega in my own civilizations of ice. My subjects were my action figures, and dinosaur figurines (those being my personal favorite, they always lived in prime conditions), also my Digimon and Pokemon got estates on the good land.

The snow being up to my neck usually gave me ample opportunity to create. My imagination ran rampant. I could sculpt freely. Of course as with all creation there were.... imperfections, despite my many hours of work.

Weather conditions proved to be a hindrance, too much sun flare and my towns melted, too much frigid weather made the snow impossible to sculpt.

Then there were the days of pure wonder, the days where the weather was just perfect -- allowing me to use my imagination to my heart's content.

In the end, a snow day always brings back memories of childhood. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. I wish I could be so young and so innocent again. To be free, to play in to snow, to just live from moment to moment.

So I pray tonight for another snow day, maybe to relive my childhood, or maybe I really just want to be sloth for a day. Who knows? Well, I guess I do, but my mind is a mystery even to me.

(Christopher Damlo is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.)