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Finding paradise in middle of Broadway

DETROIT LAKES - I have found my Eden, my paradise, my wonderland of pure joy and happiness.

I, as you have read, was gifted by my choir to have the opportunity to go on the trip of a lifetime. I made the pilgrimage to the great urban jungle known as New York City.

In this paradise of steel and concrete, I found myself mesmerized by the overall atmosphere of the city. The hustle and bustle, the culture and just the overall air about that city I fell in love with.

True, there may be a higher crime rate, and true the pollution is slightly higher than in our quaint cozy little Minnesota town. However, I fell in love with the people in the city, I fell I love with the nightlife, and I fell in love with just taking in all the sights of that wondrous place.

One of the many memories I will cherish for my entire life is the opportunity to go to four shows on Broadway. The Broadway scene is something I would love to become a part of someday, and assimilate myself into in any way possible.

As the first show (The Phantom of the Opera) began, I was hypnotized by the lights and the emotion, the intensity of everything that is a Broadway play. I found myself gawking at the stage in awe. All I knew was that I had discovered the thing that made me happier than anything else known to me.

Along with the Broadway shows, I began to find myself looking quite like a tourist by the way I would awkwardly stare at the architecture, with the native inhabitants gawking at my dazed state of wonder. We had the opportunity to sing at the most beautiful cathedral in the United States, St. John's Divine.

This cathedral combined gothic-type architecture with the more modern stone and concrete carving. It was so beautiful I felt my eyes water at the sight of the archaic stained glass windows and the handcrafted stone statues that were spread around.

As we sang in this chapel, the acoustics would bounce our chords and notes back to us in a slight echo effect, causing one of the most beautiful sounds imaginable.

So, overall I have decided I want to live in New York City, and maybe after my initial schooling, attend graduate school there. So, I can die now, as my life is complete since I have seen my heaven and my Eden.

I wish you all a happy day and highly advise you all to visit New York City.

Christopher Damlo is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.