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LP-A students help fill the Becker County Food Pantry

Students from the Lake Park-Audubon High School and Elementary helped to replenish the Becker County Food Pantry with non-perishable food items through a local school and interclass competition.

The students competed to have their class collect the most food in pounds. Over 1,300 pounds of food was collected at the high school, with additional pounds collected at the elementary.

At the high school, the junior class won the competition with a collection of over 730 pounds of food. As an added incentive, the National Honor Society challenged the classes to use their food collections to make food sculptures.

The senior class creatively made a graduation cap with the year 2008 written out using vegetable cans.

Businesses that partnered with the school groups included Central Market, Lake Park Community Co-Op and Ortons. School advisors for the youth group include Carol Nustad, Marge Beaudine and Cheryl Hogie.