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FFA winners named at BC Fair

Top FFA winners at the Becker County Fair include:

- Becker County Fair Livestock Round Robin Grand Champion Over-All Showman -- Whitney Carlson of the Lake Park-Audubon FFA Chapter


- Grand Champion -- Patrick Balsiger, dairy steer, LP-A FFA

- Reserve Champion -- Whitney Carlson, beef feeder calf, LP-A

Beef Showmanship

- Grand Champion -- Whitney Carlson, LP-A

- Reserve Chamion -- Nick Butze, Detroit Lakes FFA


- Grand Champion Over-All FFA Dairy Animal -- Thomas Brown, heifer calf, LP-A

Senior Yearling

- Grand Champion -- Elizabeth Warling, LP-A

- Reserve Champion -- Alysha Warling, LP-A

Dairy Calf

- Grand Champion -- Thomas Brown, LP-A

- Reserve Champion -- Elizabeth Warling, LP-A

Dairy Showmanship

- Grand Champion -- Cathy Balsiger, LP-A

- Reserve Champion -- Thomas Brown, LP-A


- Grand Champion -- Margo Lanigan, Ewe lamb, Hawley FFA

- Reserve Champion -- Margo Lanigan, ewe lamb, Hawley FFA

Sheep Showmanship

- Grand Champion -- Margo Lanigan, Hawley


- Grand Champion -- Grace Lacey, market pen, Frazee-Vergas

- Reserve Champion -- Nathan Lacey, market pen, Frazee-Vergas


- Grand Champion -- Amanda Adkins, market pen, Detroit Lakes FFA

- Reserve Champion -- Margo Lanigan, market pen, Hawley


- Grand Champion -- Grace Lacey, fryer, Frazee-Vergas

- Reserve Champion -- Grace Lacey, fryer, Frazee-Vergas

Field Crops

- Grand Champion -- Jacob Hein, soybeans grain, LP-A

- Reserve Champion -- Jacob Hein, wheat grain, LP-A


- Grand Champion -- Matt Stenger, strawberries, Frazee-Vergas

- Reserve Champion -- Anthony Schilling, cabbage head, Frazee-Vergas

Agricultural Mechanics

- Grand Champion -- Matt Stegner, cedar chest, Frazee-Vergas

- Reserve Champion -- Rochelle Shafer, ATV ramps, Frazee-Vergas