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Dodging the system

Detroit Lakes police officers, including Gary Kuhn, Matt Brun and Beau Shroyer, took on the high school intramural students, finding out that maybe they weren't as easy to beat as they had originally planned1 / 3
Above, Andy Fondrick, took out police officer David Shawstad during a Tuesday evening game of dodgeball. Police officers volunteered to participate when not enough school staff could be rounded up for a team.2 / 3
Brady Johnson proves that the high schoolers were out to give the officers a run for their money. After the first game, officers were commenting that they hadn't seen kids jump that high in quite some time.3 / 3

After the first game of dodgeball between members of the Detroit Lakes Police Department versus high school intramural students, attitudes had changed a bit.

Before the game, the police department men may have been talking a little too big about schooling the smaller students in a friendly game of dodgeball. After the first game though, not so much.

"This used to be easier in the '90s," "I didn't expect them to jump that high," and "these high schoolers are on steroids" could be heard as the police swallowed their first loss.

The occasion came when school liaison police officer Beau Shroyer asked if some of his co-workers could come play. Intramurals organizer Angie Horner said usually she has a team of school staff who take on the students, but this year she couldn't find enough staff members to participate. She was more than happy when Shroyer proposed the police department aspect.

"What kid wouldn't love to hit a police officer (with a dodgeball), or dodge them," she said.

The dodgeball tournaments consist of eight high school teams, the police officers team and one team of ALC students.

Horner added that it's nice for the students to get to see the police officers in a different light -- seeing that they can be fun, too, not just police officers some of them may have had run-ins with in the past.

Horner said volleyball and basketball intramurals have been going on for years, and when she decided to add dodgeball to the line-up, "it was a hit."

Back on the court, teams play best 2-out-of-3. The first game went to the high school team with no problem. The second game, the police officers looked like they would tie the score and have to play a third tie breaker. That's when the high school team put a stop to that thought and made a come back to win the second game as well.

Although the cops were roughed up a bit by the adroit higher-schoolers, Horner said she hopes the police officers enjoyed the games and will return for future competitions.