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DL's Care Week 2008 dedicated to diabetes awareness

DETROIT LAKES - Last year, the students of Detroit Lakes High School earned the DifferenceMaker Award, a national honor, for their Care Week 2007. This year they're tackling the subject of diabetes.

"It's been a growing thing with kids in the school. It's a cause that relates to kids in our school," student Reed Oistad said.

When the students won the DifferenceMaker award, they received the chance to listen to national speaker Mike Smith, who came last week to present the school with the award and to getting involved.

"He talked about motivation and being involved," Oistad said. "How getting everyone involved can make a bigger difference rather than just one person.

"He was really funny. Probably one of the best speakers we've had," Oistad added.

This year everyone is getting involved for the sake of diabetes awareness.

Care Week begins with a kick-off assembly Monday morning at 10:15 with Al Mohs, who lives with diabetes and has lost his sight and a leg due to the disease, speaking and other speakers and doctors.

The fun continues that evening with the first annual "Muscle Ball," which pits the senior and junior guys against each other in a game of volleyball. It begins at 7 p.m. in the high school gym and is open to the public. It is $2 for students and $3 for adults.

Tuesday is the Mr. DLHS "mangeant," starting at 7 p.m. in the gym as well.

"Senior guys put on a beauty pageant thing," Oistad said.

It is also open to the public for $2 and $3.

Saturday night is the Sadie Hawkins dance for grades 9-12. And throughout the week, classes will be taking part in penny wars.

All proceeds from the activities will go to a charity promoting diabetes awareness.