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Area teen chosen for Jr. Statesmen school

Tanner Yocom has been selected to attend the 2009 session of the Junior Statesmen Summer School Program at Stanford University, a special summer school for future leaders.

The 69th annual session of the Junior Statesmen Summer School will be held from June 28-July 19. While he is there, Yocom, 17, will participate in a college-level course in American government and speech. Students will also participate in nightly student debates of controversial public policy issues in a congressional workshop.

Highlighting the month-long session will be frequent meetings with a high-level group of leaders from government, business and the media. This nonpartisan speakers program gives future leaders a chance to share ideas with today's political powerbrokers.

Yocom, Frazee, is a junior at Detroit Lakes High School. He was accepted into this program because of his potential for leadership and a reference statement such as this one from Wade Johnson, Yocom's Advanced Placement European History instructor: "I have gotten to know Tanner over the past year and am extremely proud of his accomplishments as a student, volunteer, world-traveler, and, most of all, a person."

Yocom also recently returned from New York City. He was given a full scholarship from Northwest University for a weeklong course in their social and justice law program.

He was given only a partial scholarship, so he will be hosting fund-raisers, one of which will be a "Pig in a Blanket" raffle. This consists of 100 tickets for a $10 donation; prizes include a half of pig (cut and wrapped), and seven handmade quilts and an afghan (made by Yocom's grandma). The drawing will follow the selling of all the tickets; winners will be notified and prizes will be delivered.

After graduation next year, Yocom plans to study law and politics in college. He is particularly excited about experiencing a sneak preview of college life at Stanford University.