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4-H, Vanity partner for insulation

Becker County 4-Hers helped collect denium jeans from Vanity, which will be made into insulation for homes for people in need. Ambassadors include, front from left, Amy Klein, Bailey Yliniemi, Maria Veit, Nora Ulmer, Beth Klein; back from left, Nathan Lacey, Mike Okeson, Dannon Yliniemi, Emma Ulmer, Lauren Pederson.

Becker County 4-H partnered with the Vanity Store to help "Change the World: One Pair of Jeans at a Time."

Denim jeans and other apparel were collected and will be recycled to make Ultra Touch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation. It takes 500 pairs of jeans to make enough insulation for one home.

This local effort will be combined with other Vanity Stores with a corporate goal of collecting 100,000 pairs of jeans. This would produce 332,000 pounds of insulation, enough for 200 houses.

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