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Learn to play, reduce stress at the Detroit Lakes Library

We've all heard that music soothes the savage beast, but according to Dr. Barry Bittman, M.D., of the Mind-body Wellness Center in Meadville, Pa., playing a musical instrument actually reduces the affects of stress on humans at the genetic level.

"His study's research shows that the stress-reduction impact was far greater for individuals participating in their first group keyboard lesson than for subjects who simply relaxed and read newspapers and magazines." (Medical Science Monitor)

So, if you're ready for your free stress relief, come to the library to find a how-to book on playing the instrument of your choice! (Sorry, you have to supply the instrument.)

Highlighted below are some of the newer books in our collection on the subject.

n Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing the Fiddle: Techniques and Tunes for Becoming a First-String Fiddler, by Ellery Klein. Never before has fiddling been so popular--the Riverdance phenomenon, the runaway success of Celtic Woman, and country and bluegrass sensations. Now, anyone can learn to play through the simple, step-by-step lessons provided here by an international expert and professional performer. Illustrated with finger tabs and supported by a unique instructional DVD, this will have budding musicians fiddling in no time.

n Play Piano in a Flash for Kids!: a Fun and Easy Way for Kids to Start Playing the Piano, by Scott Houston. As seen on public television nationwide, Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston is the leading authority on fast and fun piano instruction. In "Play Piano in a Flash for Kids!" he simplifies his unique and effective method of learning to play piano, making it accessible to even the youngest want-to-be pianists. Highlighting popular, not classical, music, this book fosters and nourishes an early love for music by giving children the tools to play their favorite popular songs.

n The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Bass Guitar, by David Hodge. Whether readers have just picked up the bass or are learning to improve their technique, this book provides a strong foundation in reading music, purchasing the right equipment, and care and maintenance of the bass guitar. A CD of original music helps budding bass players practice their skills.

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