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Sixth graders visit capitol

Waubun-Ogema-White Earth sixth graders visited the Minnesota Capitol and Underwater Adventures Aquarium in the Mall of America in the Twin Cities earlier this month.1 / 2
During their trip to the cities, many of the sixth graders said the best part of the trip was meeting Rep. Kent Eken, right.2 / 2

On Friday, May 14, Waubun-Ogema-White Earth sixth graders traveled to the Cities for a fun-filled field trip. They visited the Minnesota Capitol and Underwater Adventures Aquarium in the Mall of America. Below are a few comments from the students.

"At the aquarium I liked going Behind the Scenes and going through the tunnel with all the fish, sharks and stingrays. At the capitol, I liked seeing the governor's reception room, going up by the quadriga and meeting our representative, Kent Eken. The ride back on the charter bus was very fun and noisy." -- Franki Paul

"At UnderWater World it was so fun. It was fun when we were in the tunnel. We felt dizzy inside there when the sharks came by. It was interesting because I was wondering if that one shark could actually "saw" something." -- Deondra Bellanger

"It was very interesting because we went on a behind-the-scenes tour of UnderWater World where we learned about jellyfish and a turtle that weighed 325 pounds. We also went to the state capitol and got a tour. We went up to see the Quadriga too. We also got to meet Kent Eken and got a picture taken with him." -- Ann Johnston

"Going to UnderWater World was really interesting. Seeing all the different kind of animals was amazing! We learned what they all eat and where they came from. The capitol was the best part. It is really big and the walls and stairs looked amazing. We got to meet Kent Eken and that was really cool. We all got a picture with him and got to talk to him." -- Caitlin McArthur

"I loved getting to see how they feed and train the animals. We even got to touch and pet some of the sea animals. My favorite part about Underwater World was the seahorses. My favorite thing about the capitol was that I got to shake hands with Kent Eken. I loved to see the capitol and some neat sights around the capitol." -- Brianna Bly

"I liked Underwater World the best. I like the sharks and the fish. The state capitol was OK. The best part of the capitol was the horses. They were covered in gold. At Underwater World we went to a shop. I got a pet snake that was blue. We had a good day with our teachers and friends. -- Megan Swedberg

"In order to go we had to get our autobiographies done. Then we had to wake up at 5 and be there by 6 and when we got at the capital it was fun; we got to go up a lot of stairs. We got to see horses that were gold." -- Jena Mae Foster

"Our sixth grade trip was amazing. The coolest part about Underwater World was when we went through the tunnel to see all the fish and when we went behind the scenes on the cat walk to see all of the sharks swim around. The best thing about the state capital was when we went all the way to the top to see the Quadriga. We could see for miles. The worst thing about it was the ride but we had a lot of fun anyways." -- Haley Marie Warren

"During this trip we got to go up to the Quadriga and learn what each symbol meant. We also learned that there was two other capital buildings before this one! The best part of the whole trip was that we got to meet Kent Eken. My class learned a lot about our state." -- Hattie Dorman

"We went to Under Water World at Mall of America. Our class took a tour and we learned about sharks. The other part we did was going under the water and we saw all kind of stuff like sea horses, sting rays, fish and more." -- Trevor Borgrud

"Some places we went to at Underwater World were behind the scenes where they feed the animals, the kitchen where all the fish food is, and the jellyfish lab. The other place we went to was the State Capital. That was my favorite of the two. It was cool because we got to go to the roof where the Quadriga is." -- Hunter Clark

"First we went to Underwater World in the Mall of America. It smelt gross like dead fish. I seen a sea turtle and sharks. I got to touch a starfish. Plus we went to the State Capital. It was fun because they showed us everything there. Plus we went up to the top of the horses. Then before that we went to the wall. The wall said all the veterans that served in the war." -- Erika Bellanger

"We got to see sharks and the gilded horses. Going through Underwater World was exciting and wonderous. I was curious to know how they like it in the tanks and if they wish they could be in the ocean. When we went to the capital building I was scared to go so high up, but I got over my fears and it turns out the city is very beautiful from up there, and I'm glad I got to have the experience." -- Brooke Lunde