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Going the distance: Skiers finish all of Maplelag's trails in single day

Skiing 23 km used to sound like a long distance to me. Not anymore!

On Monday I skied 64 km with my brother Dylan, and two friends from the Little Falls Nordic ski team, Adam and Josie. It all started on the Sunday of Presidents weekend. Josie and Adam drove up from Little Falls to wax and sleep over. Of course sleep soon became last on the priority list.

It started out with waxing. From there, we had Adam's comment, "The ceiling speaks to me!" and Josie wacking me in the face with a ski. It got pretty crazy down in my basement. After dinner at about 9:30, we fired up the sauna.

The sauna in our basement makes winter more fun. We go in there, get all sweaty then run up our stairs and roll in the snow. This time, Dylan got the brilliant idea to run around our house.

You all know that we recently had about a week of warm weather. Remember that warm weather makes the snow turn into ice. All four of us ran barefoot around our house on icy snow filled with sharp chunks. Our house is fairly big, so it made the perilous journey even worse.

The night went on with running around outside at midnight in swimsuits and flip flops, and playing a variation of the game of ping pong. I can't exactly tell you how we changed it. Let's just say it was very...interesting.

We finally got to bed at about 1 in the morning, and then we had to wake up at 7. After breakfast, we made our way up to Maplelag. We were all pumped to get going.

It was snowing when we got there. The trails were beautiful as they were dumped on by the falling snow. Knowing how good the grooming is at Maplelag, we knew the trails would be just fine. Before we started, Jay Richards took a picture of us to prove that we were actually making the attempt.

We skied about 20 to 30k before lunch, but we aren't exactly sure on that. Jay made an announcement at lunch saying that the four of us were skiing all the trails in one day. We all appreciated it. Now we knew that we had to finish since everybody knew we were doing it. All of us were nervous that we weren't going to make it.

We did all the skate trails after lunch. We still had a long way to go. It got a little tense in the group as people started to get tired and slow down the group. We kept pushing. Dylan even had to lie to Josie about how much further we had left just to keep her going.

With about 20k left, Dylan said we had 10. It kept going on like that. Right before our last run, Jay took another picture of us. (Just to prove that we actually finished.) After the camera was gone we took our shirts off. So not only did we ski 64 km, but we skied the last four of them shirtless.

Not realizing that it was super windy out, we headed out to do our last run, Mother North Star. Mother North Star goes along a pond and even crosses it. Boy was that chilly! But we made it back with minimal windburn and big smiles on our faces.

When we saw the lodge, we all screamed with joy. I have never been so happy to see the Maplelag lodge before. We finished and we all started hugging each other. The feeling of accomplishment washed over us. We were done; we skied 64k in a single day.

All four of us went inside, changed and grabbed handfuls of cookies. Sitting down and eating felt so good. Those cookies had never tasted better, and they taste really good in the first place.

We were on a time limit so we had to get home. Already being two hours late didn't help much. On the way home we listened to "Don't stop Believing" because it seemed to relate.

Thinking of the great time I had I realized that this was one of the best days of my life. Even with the ups and the downs, I had an extremely good time. Josie and Adam said the same thing. We all made plans to hang out again, and we plan to have just as good of a time.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a freshman at Detroit Lakes High School.