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The change of seasons signals a birthday party

When the leaves start to change colors I know that fall is here. Orange, red, and yellow fill the trees and the ground. This weekend I was surrounded by thousands of falling leaves.

Friday was the start of the annual trip to Itasca State Park to go camping for my birthday. Boy, was it fun. Even though two of the original campers are no longer going, it is still just as fun. Instead of the original Berit, Kylee and Annikka, the group holds two new members with the additions of Brookie and Rachel.

We knew we were going to have fun from the start. Weeks in advance, we were planning what we were going to do. Ride bikes, eat pixie stix, stay up all night having "girl talk" (which was pretty pathetic...) and eating fondue, or as my dad says, "Fried grease."

On Friday we left as soon as we could, making the hour-long journey to the park. During the first half-hour everybody had the pleasure of listening to me make my "cat noises." Nobody believes me, but my cat really does make those awful wretched noises. Throughout the weekend all of us were constantly repeating the noises.

"Bleehh!" was not the only strange noise coming from our site. About five years ago, my friend Kylee and I made up this fantastic song. Oh, it's just great. It's a dancing song, as some may say. The thing is, it's not like the dancing songs we used to sing and dance to in elementary school. It's just a bit different. My mother even has a reluctant part.

On Saturday we rode around the lake on our bikes. As usual, we rented a tandem bike for the day. Tandem biking is so much more fun than regular biking, especially when the person riding with you likes to swerve the bike around. In this case, that would be me. I couldn't help but ride over the big bumps and twist the handlebars back and forth, much to the dismay of my bike matey. Riding in the back is extremely fun because you get the chance to not hold on, and not pedal. (Shhh, I was totally pedaling the whole time.)

Traditionally, we eat fondue on this extravagant adventure. The tradition is still intact. Once you start eating it, it's hard to quit. Turns out, the three of us ate over a pound of meat each. And still, we weren't full. As soon as the Dutch oven cobbler came on, though, we were stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

The leaves are turning, and so are the times. A new year of my life has come hither and so has a new season. Soon winter will be here and you will get to read all about my adventures in the snow. As for now, let's stick to autumn. Leaves are falling; waiting to be jumped in. Icy cold lake water is dying for someone to jump in it once more before it freezes over. I on the other hand, am waiting for the day when the colors and leaves of autumn and the bitter cold blizzards of winter are in the same season.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at DLHS.