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PartnerSHIP4Health thanks students

On behalf of PartnerSHIP4Health, thank you to the Detroit Lakes School District for hosting International Walk to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 5. It was a wonderful celebration of more than 2,800 participants walking and biking.

We appreciate the investment of time and energy given by the schools and many volunteers. This strategic event sets the stage for healthy, active living for our next generation.

We are a nation at risk with alarming obesity rates on the rise. It's imperative that we get our students moving. What an important message you gave to the students of Detroit Lakes on International Walk to School Day. We can measure our success not only in that one special morning, but when we have more students walking and biking to school, we'll have sustained our efforts.

All schools had terrific events.

• Rossman Elementary hosted a poster contest and sing along for an all school one-mile walk. The poster winners witnessed the shaving of their physical education teacher's head.

• Roosevelt Elementary cheered all participants as they crossed the finish line at the end of their all-school walk.

• Middle School -- what a sight to see the middle school students come around the corner as elementary students started their walk -- 1400 walkers at one location!

• High School -- first year that all students participated in an all-school walk.

• Alternative Learning Center -- students walked to the lake and then threw in commitment stones. Commitments were focused on healthy living such as adding more activity and healthy eating, quitting smoking, etc.

• Walking school buses -- Rossman has one walking school bus that walked last all year long and it's continuing again this year. In addition, two walking school buses hosted by Lakeshirts participated on this special day.

Special thanks go to Essentia St. Mary's for donating apples, Detroit Lakes Police Department, Lakeshirts, DLCCC, PTO, Essentia Health, Kiwanis and PartnerSHIP4Health's Active Living Committee volunteers. Thank you to all of the teachers, staff and parents who supported this effort and participated. -- Karen Nitzkorski, PartnerSHIP4Health