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Thanksgiving was 'smashing'

As you know, I love my mashed potatoes. And this Thanksgiving I was the one to make said mashed taters.

My relatives like them smooth and creamy. Not me! We boil the potatoes, add a little bit of milk and some butter, and then I mash them with our masher about five times. To me they are the best mashed potatoes ever. I love the lumps. (They are by far the best part.) As my aunt and uncle's foreign exchange student calls them, they are my "smashed" potatoes.

This Thanksgiving, we had the whole family at our house. My grandparents, my aunt and uncle and their kids and my family were there. We talked, ate, played endless games of Clue and played tons of pingpong. We had a great time.

Being Thanksgiving and all, we ate like no other. Turkey, cranberries, stuffing, smashed potatoes, corn, turnips, gravy, cranberries, mashed sweet potatoes and did I mention cranberries? Cranberries are the best! I could eat them all day long. It's the sweetness; it gets me every time. And luckily this year, I didn't have to suffer through anymore pear tart.

Jan (the foreign exchange student) loved to play Clue. About every five minutes that we weren't playing it I heard, "Berit can we play Clue now?" I now have a very large liking to that game. Every time we played, I won. I felt like such a champ. (Having never played the game before.)

Throughout the weekend, we played some pingpong. Dylan, Jan and I played Round Pingus, which means "around the world pingpong." We invented this game from with our Swedish foreign exchange student.

Round Pingus is where you hit the ball to the other opponent while running around the table. It gets so intense! We run into walls, stub our toes, spit all over the floor, dive into the ground while reaching for the ball and get paddles thrown at us. You really have to be aware of your surroundings.

Saturday was the day that my mom discovered my grandpa's old Army parade helmet while cleaning our toy room. I can't believe how much I love it. I even wore it to deliver Christmas wreaths. What shocks me is that out of the 10 people I talked to, only one of them noticed it. My neighbor Jim was absolutely thrilled when he saw my helmet.

On Saturday night my family and my aunt went to see "The Muppets." It was so depressing. I mean it was funny and I really liked it, but just the whole theme of it was kind of sad. Other than the sadness it was very funny! They sang some of the original songs, too. When the whole cast sang "The Rainbow Connection" one last time together, I felt like crying.

After the movie, we felt like going down to Zorbaz to listen to some music. (Of course I wore the helmet.) We arrived at about 9:20. Apparently that's too late. Because of my status as a minor, we got kicked out. So what did we do? Obviously we went home and played board games. What else?

Even though our families might be slightly annoying and hard to deal with, they are hard not to love. Whether you pelt each other with pingpong balls, go for bike rides in the snow, or play Clue, be thankful for what you have. Heck, you can even be thankful for Thanksgiving itself. It's in the name, you know.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at Detroit Lakes High School.