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Finding some fun during ice fishing

If you know me at all, you know that I am in no way patient. Which is why the fact that I recently went ice fishing surprises me.

On Monday afternoon my brother, my exchange sister Siri from Denmark, our friend Tyler and I headed out onto Little Detroit Lake.

It all started with Siri not having gone fishing before. So of course, being the great host siblings Dylan and I are, we took her fishing. Our friend Tyler is a big fisherman, so Dylan asked him if he'd take us. Tyler, being one of the nicest people you will ever meet, practically dropped everything to take us with him fishing. He procured a portable fish house to keep us warm, and arranged all of us the necessary gear all in about eight hours.

We had to drag out all the stuff by ourselves. And by "we" I mean Dylan and Tyler. Siri and I stumbled along behind, pretending to dance, but really slipping all over the place across the ice. Siri told me that she felt like she was dreaming. Walking on ice? Who would have thought one does such a thing!?

After struggling to get the gear out to the right spot, we set up. Tyler drilled the holes while Dylan, Siri and I held the fish house down. Even with the three of us standing in it, it still blew over. It scared the living daylights out of us when the house started to move. We finally got all the equipment set up and were ready to watch Tyler and Dylan fish.

This is the part where I remember why I don't like fishing. You sit there; you wait. All you do is sit there and stare down a hole in the ice. Having the four of us there made it fun though. Just sitting there talking was fun. A good chunk of the time was spent teasing Siri.

Earlier that morning we were eating breakfast at the Holiday Inn with our former foreign exchange student. His name is Miika, and he's from Finland. The server asked Siri how she wanted her egg done and Siri told her, "In a pan...?" All of us burst out laughing. Somehow, the conversation almost always turned back to that.

It was absolutely crazy. Tyler caught 12 fish. They just kept coming! The whole time the three of us were very frustrated. I mean, come on. Twelve fish! Dylan caught one, as Siri and I watched. The bobber went below the water a couple times, but it was always too late.

I would yell, "Ahh! A fishy!" And by the time Dylan yanked on the line, it was already gone. For about 45 minutes he didn't even have bait. He didn't even realize it. As you can tell, he's a high quality fisherman.

Eventually, Siri and I got cold and the four of us decided to go home. Tyler's friend was also fishing and he was nice enough to give us a ride back on his four-wheeler. Siri was the unlucky one. She had to sit off the very back, so she got soaking wet. It was hilarious. The two of us were holding on for dear life.

Even though I really dislike fishing, I would go again. I was cold and bored, but I'd do it. As long as I don't have to carry the fish house. The boys can do that.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at Detroit Lakes High School.