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Staying home, ringing doorbells maybe weren't such good ideas

Being a teenager, I guess I can say I've gotten into my fair share of mischief. I could tell hours of old stories of trouble I got into a few years back, but of all stories I can tell, only one is worthy of writing about.

It was the end of the summer. I was going into 10th grade (2010), and I was 15 years old.

Back in those days, I was running a pretty clean slate at home, and my parents went out of town for the night and left me behind to go to my friend's house in Lake Park.

Well those plans caved last second and my parents were already gone, so I decided I was gonna hang out at my place for the night and enjoy having the house to myself.

Anyway, two of my closest friends at the time called me wanting to hang out. Not thinking twice, I invited them both over (forgetting they hate each other and can't get along for five seconds without it getting ugly).

They showed up within five minutes of each other, and I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut and we just hung out, until boredom got the best of us.

Now these two kids have nothing in common except the fact that they stayed out of trouble. At the time, I wasn't a trouble-maker, but I liked to have fun, and on that night, I talked them into coming out after 10 p.m. (which is curfew if you're under 16), mainly because there wasn't anyone to stop us.

I thought it would be fun to play a little ding dong ditch (the game where you ring someone's doorbell and run) and I talked them into it.

I rang a house, then one of my friends did another one, but when it came up to my other friend's turn, he wouldn't do it. He was too nervous.

Being 15, we gave him a hard time about it, and eventually embarrassed him into trying the house across the street, while we sat in the front yard and watched.

The house (which I later learned belonged to my high school English teacher, Mrs. Vinje) was close, so he thought he could run to the yard and hide.

He slowly went up to the front door and smacked the doorbell (sorry if you read this Mrs. Vinje) then sprinted across the street into my yard to hide.

No one answered the door, but the front porch light came on and the curtains opened. We thought everything was okay, so we pulled chairs into the front lawn and hung out there, but then an officer came by slowly, so we decided to go back inside.

We sat in my basement for about an hour, and just as we were about to go back outside, blue lights started flashing in the window.

All the lights were off, so we ran upstairs and foolishly hid in a locked bedroom upstairs, where we sat for 45 minutes before they finally left. But for my poor friends who never break a rule, it was a really big deal.

The bad side of it was my parents weren't home, and I didn't want them to know I stayed home that night, and until today I don't think they did.

Jonah Bowe is a junior at Detroit Lakes High School.