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Best vacation ever

I've always been the kind of person who'd prefer to be outside seeing new things and places, than sitting inside watching TV, or playing Play Station.

The last three years I've been blessed with the opportunity to actually get out of the state. In 2009, my parents and I went to Orlando, Fla.; in 2010, my parents and myself (accompanied by my friend Dallas) went to Myrtle Beach, S.C. Last year, my parents, my friend Nate and I went on a four-day cruise to Key West, Fla., and The Bahamas.

This year, my parents surprised me with something a little different. Instead of staying in the States, they decided to take a seven-day cruise to Central America. This year, my parents let me bring my friend Luke.

We left Feb. 18 for Miami. We stayed right next to one of the country's biggest outdoor malls (Bayside), which was right next to the port of Miami. We spent one night there, than we got on our ship.

The first day and a half on the ship was spent at sea. During that time, Luke and I really got to know the ship; it was called the Carnival Glory. The ship had 13 decks, topped off with a waterslide that went from deck 12 to deck 9. The main deck (deck 9) had three pools, seven hot tubs, and a movie theatre sized screen.

Our first port was Conzumel, Mexico. We spent that day at Paradise Beach, which was one of the most laid-back atmospheres I've ever gotten to experience.

The second day we ported at Costa Maya, Mexico, which was spent wandering around the village; there really wasn't a whole lot there.

Our third port was by the far the coolest place I've ever been. It was the island of Roatan, Honduras. The first two islands we were at were pretty basic (as far as the scenery went) but we awoke that morning to a beautiful aqua marine lagoon.

To the right were old shipwrecks peeking out of the vast miles of blue. To the left was the island. Beautiful white sand beaches surrounded the island, but inland consisted of mountains covered in vast mossy jungles.

My dad, Luke, and I went zip lining through those jungles, and it was probably the coolest thing I've ever experienced.

The last port was a little different. We went to the Grand Caymen Island, which was a lot different than our other ports. The first three ports were in third world countries, but the Caymens are part of the United Kingdom, thus it was much wealthier.

We spent that day on the seven-mile beach, which was a good way to end the cruise. We ported back in Miami and decided to drive the 180 miles to Key West for our last two days. One of our taxi drivers quoted "what other road in the world separates two oceans?" and he was right -- it was well worth the drive.

Coming home to Minnesota was really hard this time. We landed in Minneapolis just before the first actual blizzard of the year. It's been hard to adjust because this year's vacation was by far the best I've had yet.

Jonah Bowe is a junior at the DL Alternative Learning Center.