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A much too brief stay turns into a lifelong sisterhood

Way back in December I didn't know what it was like to have a sister. All I had ever had were brothers. When I learned that my family would be hosting our eighth exchange student, I was more than excited. The fact that I was going to have a new sister fascinated me. Before Siri came to live with us I didn't know what it felt like to be able to have someone that close to you.

In the beginning of the year I didn't know Siri that well. I thought, "Oh cool! It's another foreigner." Little did I know that she would soon be my sister. And man, am I glad she is.

This past weekend was a sad one for all of us. (I'm crying just writing about it.) It was the dreaded time for Siri to move to her new host family. The whole weekend was filled with, "This is our last time doing this together." It's still hard to believe that it has been three months since she moved in.

While writing this, all I can do is think of how sad I am that Siri doesn't live with me anymore. What I should be doing is thinking of all the great times she and I shared. The list of all the memories we made is way too large to share. I can't even remember half of the inside jokes that we have.

From the very first day, I knew we were going to get along fantastically. We were already calling each other "girl" for who knows what reason, and we were already sharing cups. Well, I just drank out of her cup, but that's beside the point.

Within weeks we were making trips to the Thrift Store and were doing practically everything together. We skied together, did homework together and danced together. After school we had what Siri liked to call, "sista eating and bonding time." Basically we went home and ate pancakes. Almost every day Siri would make baked goods for us to eat. I will definitely miss all those tasty baked goods.

On Saturday nights Siri and I had Saturday night fiestas. We would do what we thought were crazy things, but were really extremely un-crazy. Our Saturdays consisted of watching a movie on our to-watch list of movies, and then being "crime riders" and sleeping together. I don't know how we thought that to be crime riding worthy, but hey, crime rider is fun to say.

I have a bunk bed, which makes it extremely easy to have a fort. You simply hang blankets from the top bunk to surround the bottom bunk. And Siri and I did just that. Our "fart" as we liked to call it was extremely luxurious. It had a nice view of a pooh bear blanket, a blanket with kissing giraffes on it, and a lovely blanket with various wild animals on it. We had a door and everything! Siri and I spent a great deal of time in the fort.

Throughout all these wonderful events I have gained more than just a sister. I have gained a best friend. Siri will always be my favorite sister. (Regardless of the fact that she's my only sister...) No matter what happens I know that she will always be there for me and I will always be there for her. After all, we have to have "sista eating and bonding time" somehow.