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Week two at camp brings excitement

Normally I wouldn't write about the same thing two weeks in a row. I try my hardest to switch up the topic every once in a while, but this week I simply can't resist telling you about my interesting adventures at Camp Wilderness during week two.

It started out like any normal Sunday at camp. We arrived at camp and made our way through check-in, we administered swim tests for the Scouts, and did Merit badge sign up. Scouts were smiling and having a grand ol' time adjusting to camp life.

When the opening campfire rolled around the corner, it was time for the Waterfront staff to do our skit, "Raisin Bran." The rest of the Waterfront aids and I wore black garbage bags, jumped around in a circle and yelled, "Oh it's the raisins that make the Raisin Bran so great" over and over again. Then the our director, Preston, came with a shovel and yelled, "Spoon!" The raisins scatter -- except for me. I'm the lone raisin that gets eaten by Preston.

The script states that I get scooped up by Preston and get carried off the stage. Oh boy, did I get carried. "Scooped up" is quite the understatement. This week it was more of a tackle.

Preston really went for it when he carried me off that stage. You could just see that the audience was shocked -- their faces said it all. That face of awe was prominent throughout the crowd.

After the tackling was over, we went on with our week. I met tons of new people, including my co-worker's little brother. His name is Bailee and he is just about the cutest scout ever. Basically his whole troop was adorable -- they even brought me presents throughout the week.

One scout named Justin gave me three fireflies named Connor, Fred and Bob, an orange named Fitzgerald, a rock named George, and a moth named Willis. I didn't particularly enjoy Willis. Moths don't exactly thrill me.

Wednesday had to have been the best day at camp so far. This wonderful day was the day that Waterfront was in charge of doing the morning and evening flag. This also means that we were the lucky ones to do morning song.

Now, the Waterfront's song is by far my favorite song at camp. When the call for all bananas of the universe to unite rings out my heart skips a beat out of pure excitement. By singing "The Banana Song," my day was made.

At evening flag, my day got 10 times better with a little surprise. The Camp Wilderness Chamber Chorus sang my second favorite camp song ever -- "The Pink Pajama Song."

When we scream, "with nothing on at all" at the top of our lungs, I'm sure everybody on Bad Axe Lake can hear us. We really belt it out. It was truly a marvelous day.

Thursday, oh Thursday. That was the day of excitement.

The day started out like normal -- flag, breakfast and session one and two program. When session two rolled around and a buddy tag was still left on the board, we knew we had a slightly large problem. (We make the scouts buddy tags that show what area they can swim in so we know where to find them.)

We started asking scouts if they knew this boy, but no one had a clue. When a scout informed me that he might have been in a session one class, I really started to worry. This is cruel, but I thought, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what if I find a dead body in the water? There's no way this boy could have survived this long."

The Waterfront staff started doing dives in the water while other area staff ran down to help with the search. We searched through the whole swimmers, beginners, learners and non-swimming areas with no luck.

When Preston announced that we were to get out of the water, it finally hit me -- the whole thing was a drill. Relief flooded through me like a raging river.

About two hours later, when the bell started ringing signaling a lost scout, I thought, "Are you serious!? Two of these in one day!?" Unfortunately, this one was not a drill.

We managed to evacuate the scouts out of the area and up to the flagpole so they could get with their troop. The campers and staff organized everything and the scout was eventually found. Luckily, it didn't take that long because he wasn't that hard to find.

Despite the excitement on Thursday, the week was fantastic. The scouts were great, the leaders were great, and the weather was exceptional. I can't wait to see what week three has in store for us.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a junior at Detroit Lakes High School.