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See you later, two best sisters ever

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a junior at Detroit Lakes High School. Submitted Photo

I didn't think that it would come this fast, but sadly the day has come to say, "see you later" to my two sisters.

On Wednesday Siri leaves good ol' Detroit Lakes to go home to Denmark, and on Thursday, Julia leaves for Germany. Due to me working at camp, we unfortunately had to part ways on Sunday evening. During our cry fest, I tried to remember all the fantastic times we had together.

A list too big for listing automatically came to my mind. Prom, thrift stores, matching pajamas, the movie "Fargo," forts, dancing and Rotary conferences are just a few of the many. We identical triplets (as my mother refers to us) have gone through so many adventures together and I will forever be grateful for them. I thought having one sister was fantastic, but when I was able to start calling Julia my sister as well, it exceeded fantastic.

We spent our last week together in Michigan. We left Detroit Lakes early Tuesday morning with my parents for Grand Rapids, Mich. The 13-hour drive was cut in 3/4 for a stop in St. Ignace, Mich.

We stayed in a hotel so we could visit Mackinac Island on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening, we went to this little Mexican restaurant to eat dinner. Our waitress had tons of gold eye shadow, making it was a little hard to concentrate on her calling us "Honey" or "Sweetheart" or even "Dear." Don't get me wrong, she was very nice, but a little too nice at the same time.

On Wednesday morning, we woke up early so that we could catch the 10:30 ferry out to Mackinac Island. Turns out that the 10:30 ferry was the bridge excursion ferry. We enjoyed a lovely detour around the Mackinac bridge while we learned about the bridge's history.

When we finally arrived at the island, we browsed the shops for about an hour. With all the horses, bikes and shops it felt like you were living in the past.

At the island, we explored the fort, rode bicycles and ate lots of food. While exploring the fort, we witnessed a cannon shooting, a court martial demonstration and met lots of Boy Scouts who were up for the week to raise and lower the flags and perform other service projects at the fort.

I had already seen the cannon shooting before and I even had the chance to shoot it last time. This time the soldiers did it themselves, which was no fun at all. The triplets recreated a picture of my brother and I when we were younger by dressing up in dresses and uniforms. Boy, were we attractive!

Siri and I had small but oversized dresses on while Julia had on a soldier's uniform. People gave us strange looks, but we just kept on wearing our outfits.

After the fort, we rented some tandem bikes and a normal bike around the island. Julia and I had a bike and my mother and Siri had a bike, while my father had his own bike. We made our way around the island until we arrived at a little restaurant. There we ordered deep fried pickles.

I know it sounds extremely gross, but that isn't the case. They are absolutely delicious! Siri didn't take a fancy to them, but Julia loved them.

At first I thought that I'd only have one sister and if you remember correctly, I was thrilled. But to say you gained two sisters in less than one year is more than thrilling.

I know the triplets will be reunited once again, but just the thought of not seeing each other for quite some time is just too much to handle. I am crying even while writing this and I most likely will be crying for at least a couple more hours.

The three of us being involved in Rotary Youth Exchange brought us even closer than I would have imagined. I will forever have the best two sisters any person could ask for.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a junior at Detroit Lakes High School.