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We all get lost sometime, the important thing is finding your way back

Life is full of great times, happy times, sad times, and tough times, that's just how it works, but sometimes the toughest time is something that should be really easy.

Everybody has those days when you're driving to the grocery store with your last few dollars, and you get pulled over and get a speeding ticket you can't afford to pay (this is just an example).

Anyway, I'm one of those people who likes to make everyone happy. Actually, let me rephrase that; "I'm, one of those people who has to make everyone happy!"

One of the disadvantages to that is it's really hard for me to say no to people (mainly my friends) and one thing I've already learned is this causes way more trouble for me than just saying no would have in the first place.

I've touched on it before, but it basically goes back to when I was in middle school. I got picked on and turned on by so many people that I've always felt I needed to impress anyone I could, which is became a bit of a reoccurring theme I didn't like to much.

In tenth grade I was a bit of a wreck. I had gone from having a lot of friends (jerks, but my friends) to none. I wasn't doing well in school, I was really depressed, and I guess that stuff left me kind of vulnerable.

Since tenth grade my life took a complete 360 degree turn, and it was basically because of two things, I had no friends, so I started trying to impress people, and I didn't say no to things I should have, and that's how I started getting myself into trouble.

Anyway, I turned to the only people I could find, who would accept me for who I was, and not for what I had to offer.

At first it seemed great, I had friends who liked me and didn't make fun of me. I was happy, and I was having fun, but unfortunately the group I started hanging out with was the "bad group" of kids to hang out with, and it impacted me more substantially than anything else that's happened through my life thus far.

I started partying, and acting out on a regular basis, and as quickly as I had made friends, all the other things I had spent my entire life trying to achieve slowly took a backseat.

I went from being an A, and B student to having failing grades and extremely frustrated parents. I stopped playing hockey, and I stopped hanging out with the two or three decent friends I actually had in my life, and things really weren't going well for me.

That's what I've been spending the passed five months trying to change. I got an almost completely new group of friends, I've got a job that I love, a family that loves me, and goals that I've set to help get me to bigger and better places, and I've learned that one thing that overpowers any amount of depression is success.

But it's also a lesson I will never take lightly. Every person takes a wrong turn and gets lost once in a while, the important thing is finding, and getting back on the right road.