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Found: A passion for journalism degree

Two years ago, I was a 15-year-old with no idea what I was going to do in life.

Exactly two years ago, my dad came home and told me there was an opening to write columns in the Wave page of the Wednesday paper. I was told to write a sample column to see if I would be capable of writing, and to my surprise I got the job.

At the time, I started writing columns but I never really looked at journalism as a real potential career for me. I guess I knew I had it in my blood because of my dad, but I was never real interested in following his footsteps.

After a couple months, it was still so hard for me to write columns that I honestly considered quitting. But, I kept trying to get better, and as time went on, I got better at it. I never thought for a second I would still be writing my columns two years later. It was so hard for me to think of anything to write about after only a couple months, I thought I'd be dead out of ideas after a year or so.

It only became more natural to me though, and in April I got an offer that basically changed my life. I got offered a paid internship in the newsroom for the summer, and on top of that, I got offered to do sports, which is the type of journalism that really interests me. I've had a love for sports my entire life.

I started my internship at the end of May, and even at that time if you asked me what I was going to do after high school, journalism wouldn't probably have been at the top of my list. But, it's funny how opportunities can turn into so much.

I had the privilege of covering the Detroit Lakes Angels amateur team all summer, and they made it to state this year for the first time in six years, which has been really exciting.

I also learned how natural sports writing comes to me. I've always had such a love for baseball, I had a real good idea of what I was doing before I even started. On top of that, I've continued to write my columns, which still remain to be my favorite of anything I do.

And even though sometimes it's kind of stressful to come up with something to write about, sharing my stories and experiences has been one of the most rewarding privileges I could of asked for at my age.

I'm really thankful for the opportunities that have been handed to me, and it's helped me to decide what I want to do when I go to college next year. I'm more than likely going into journalism.

Jonah Bowe is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.