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That's one big cabbage

Gretta Schulberg grew this 18-pound cabbage this summer as a part of the Bonnie's 3rd Grade Cabbage Program. She's using her green thumb and huge cabbage to compete for a $1,000 scholarship. Submitted Photo

Gretta Schulberg is growing places -- and so is the cabbage she grew this summer.

As a part of the national program, "Bonnie's 3rd Grade Cabbage Program," Gretta, Detroit Lakes, started the cabbage by seed at the end of 3rd grade in Mrs. Jackson's class. She used compost and manure to grow her cabbage and lots of water. It grew so big it started to split so she had to harvest it.

Gretta's cabbage weighed in at 18 pounds.

She will be entering it and has a chance to be awarded a $1,000 Scholarship thru Bonnie's 3rd Grade Cabbage Program. Class winners are selected by their teacher. The teacher's selection will be based on the cabbage head size as well as the overall appearance of the photo.

The winner will then be selected through a random drawing of each class winner.

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