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Finally a senior: The last first day of high school

Tuesday was the day every kid in grades K-12 dreads all year -- the first day of school.

The first day for me this year is completely different than any first day of school I've had in previous years, and that's because this was my last first day of high school: I'm finally a senior.

I remember my first day of kindergarten. My dad walked me into Mrs. Brunsberg's kindergarten class at Rossman Elementary, and I instantly started crying. I wanted to leave. The kids scared me, and so did the idea of not being with my parents all the time, but obviously I grew into it.

Third grade is the next year I can remember my first day of school. I was super excited because I got Mrs. Schneider for a teacher, and my best friend, Dylan Ruchti, was in my class. I thought that year was going to be one of the best years of my life, and it was, but I also met Dallas Petree that summer.

The first day of fourth grade was even more exciting for me because Dallas and I were in the same class, which was Mrs. Larson's class, and we were pumped because our class was the one that got to put on the Water Festival.

Dallas and I ended up being little troublemakers that year, though, and it didn't end on too good a note, but it was probably the most fun year I remember having in elementary school.

Sixth grade was a completely different story for me. You'd think a kid would be excited for his first day of middle school, but I was straight up terrified. I was afraid of the eighth-graders picking on me, I was afraid of the teachers, and I was afraid because the sixth grade dance was at the end of the first week, and I had never been to a dance before.

I faced my fears though, and even though I got rejected by every girl I asked (not the best confidence booster) I still went and had a decent time.

I think the only first day of school that actually scared me more than sixth grade, was my ninth grade year (my first year of high school).

I spent that whole summer watching TV, and I saw a few too many movies and TV episodes about kids going to their first day of high school, getting embarrassed and getting picked on for the rest of their lives. I was desperately convinced this was going to happen to me (which of course never did).

Tenth and 11th grades were just normal, which brings me to today -- my first day of senior year. I guess it's a crazy feeling knowing that after this year's done, I'll be a high school graduate, an adult, and on my way off to college to be successful.

Hopefully this year goes by slowly so I can enjoy as much of it as possible before it's over.

Jonah Bowe is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.