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Autumn adventures: A day on Vergas trail proves to be interesting

Last week was a long week.

I was still getting used to school, and fall fever was starting to kick in (fall fever is just like spring fever, except I'm weird and get it when the leaves start changing in fall).

One day, it was particularly nice outside, and I wasn't the only kid at school to notice it.

A couple buddies and I decided we'd tough the day out at school, but do something after school worth looking forward to. We decided we'd take my buddy's truck out to the Vergas Trails to go mudding.

After school the four of us loaded up into my buddy's pickup, and ran over to holiday to throw $15 in the back tank (my buddy has one of those old school Fords with two gas tanks, the front one's fuel pump had just gone out that day), and we headed out to the trails.

We started off on the Hairy Man trail, which went just fine. We made our way through the trails to the other side, where we found some mud we decided to hit.

Just as we were ripping through the rut, one of the tires came off, and we had to stop right there to change tires. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning.

We changed tires fine and moved back to the trail we had started on.

The trails were pretty dry, though, so when my buddy saw some mud on a really small side trail he decided he had to hit it. He went up the trail, and (to everyone's astonishment) actually made it.

But we were stuck at the top, and the trail was almost skinnier than the truck.

We had no choice but to try to back up the way we came, which was shot down when we hit a tree.

We managed to miraculously turn around, but were stopped dead in our tracks at the same mud hole we got through the first time, and we were stuck pretty bad.

After a handful of schemes, we finally got the truck out of the rut (using a jack and a log). My buddy (who apparently hadn't had enough fun yet for the day) decided we'd go one more run through the trails before we'd call it a day.

It actually went smoothly, until we were halfway back to town and the back tank ran out of gas.

We slowly worked our way back to town (at a steady 15 mph, and with about six pit stops on the side of the road) and finally got to the general store, where we put our last five dollars in the back gas tank.

The truck amazingly only had some bad dents, but it still ran perfectly fine. At least that was what I thought. I found out the next day my buddy got the truck home and it hasn't started since. Go figure.

Jonah Bowe is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.