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Adventures are getting less adventurous

It's weird how growing up tends to get more boring, and less adventurous. I used to be an adventure-seeking fiend of a teenager, but the closer I get to 18, the more I start to realize, it's really diminished a lot over the last year.

My junior summer even, I had so many stories and so many learning experiences, but this summer, I didn't really do anything my parents wouldn't want to hear about, which I guess is probably a good thing.

Anyway, this weekend started out the same as almost every other weekend, just hanging out with buddies and trying to find stuff to do.

I woke up Saturday and decided I'd go for a walk and see if there was anyone around town. I was by myself for a good hour, and starting to give up hope of finding anyone when my buddy Matt drove by, and turned around.

He came and picked me up. He was with another one of my buddies, Tyler. Now these guys aren't really a part of the "normal" group of friends I hang out with, but they're my friends nonetheless, and sometimes I prefer to change it up and try to find things to do and people to hang out with that aren't the same every day.

They were kind of doing the same thing I was, just driving around trying to find something to do. We decided we'd drive by the skate park and see if anyone was around there, and we ran into another buddy, Mike.

Mike hopped in the car, and we decided we'd go for a drive out to the Vergas Trails just to pass the time and come up with a better idea. We managed to spend a good hour or two out there, but eventually that got boring as well.

We drove back into Detroit Lakes and than Matt turned around and asked us if we wanted to go to Twin Valley. He needed to go up there to visit his dad for a little while, and we had nothing better to do, so we all decided we were down for a road trip.

I knew where Twin Valley was, and I'd driven through it a few times, but I'd never actually spent any time there.

We drove through Waubun and through some other really small farming communities, then we pulled into the little town of Twin Valley and parked at Matt's dad's house. Matt went inside to visit his dad for an hour or two, and Mike, Tyler, and myself decided we'd check out the town and just walk around.

We walked around the whole place (there wasn't a whole lot of people, or places) and we still had time to kill, so we decided we'd go walking through the woods.

We walked through a cemetery and into the woods where we followed a small trail, but what happened next was both weird and extremely unexpected.

Some of the locals must have seen three kids they didn't recognize walking through the cemetery and thought we were going to wreck havoc or something.

That's understandable I guess, but they decided they'd take it upon themselves to find out what was up, and next thing we knew we were surrounded by two small SUVs, and a truck, that pretty much scared the life out of us.

Still today I have no idea why the locals took it upon themselves to surround us in woods we didn't know, but for all we knew they were some hicks who wanted to jump us or something.

Long and short of it was, we ended up hiding in a field of tall grass for over an hour while these people looked for us, and then they were just gone. I guess it's not the craziest thing that's ever happened to me, but it's the closest thing to an adventure I've had in a while, and I think it'll keep me closer to home for the next few days.

Jonah Bowe is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.