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N.C. vs. MN: Minnesota is still home

Hello, I am Holly McCamant, the new Wave columnist. I live with my parents, three dogs and cat near Frazee. Minnesota has been my home since I was 2 years old.

This summer my mom and I were invited to spend a week with her sister's family in North Carolina. My aunt lives in Pennsylvania, so we flew there. Then we went on a day road trip from Mt. Wolf, Penn., to Carolina Beach, N.C.

The first thing you notice about North Carolina people is their southern accent. That accent is especially noticeable when your mom starts saying "y'all" and talking in a deep southern voice that is in her blood, which is not like her at all. It drove my cousin, Lindsay, a little crazy too, as her mom was acting up also.

The people are very friendly there, like in Minnesota, even though the culture there is completely different. I have never seen a big purple house next to a yellow one, let alone standing on stilts as tall as a car.

Our condo had the privilege of being next to a Saturday all-night karaoke bar that did not consider that they were very loud and the people in the buildings next door did not have soundproof windows.

Lindsay now hates the song with the lyrics "Burn Baby, Burn!" due to an incident where she was woken up.

The heat is also noticeable. Since North Carolina is much closer to the equator than frigid Minnesota, the sun is much stronger. It is impossible to wear pants there. Even my mom wore shorts!

People who live in North Carolina don't wear nearly as warm as clothes as we do. In Minnesota, we hardly ever wear sundresses because it's not practical. However, people in North Carolina are really into light clothing.

Other considerations affect what North Carolinians wear. In Minnesota, I have never seen a person wear a Confederate flag. In North Carolina, I could not find a single beach shop that did not have a confederate flag on some product. They were on just about everything, from bikinis to flags to necklaces. I actually saw a man with a Confederate flag tattooed to his arm.

In North Carolina, there are quite a lot of good food places. First off, the seafood there is amazing. The shrimp and crab I ate had probably been caught that morning and were delicious. There are also lots of barbeque places. The chicken I had there was dry, but the sides I ate were much better.

Even though Minnesota is part of America's Dairyland, I have never had such a good strawberry milkshake. I had never had hushpuppies before, so I can't compare, but the ones I had were really good.

Also, Carolina Beach has the second rated donut shop in the country, and I know why it's rated second. Britt's Donut shop only makes traditional glazed donuts that are warm, light, chewy, and unbelievably good.

I went back from North Carolina to Minnesota with a bad sunburn on my chest, my suitcase and a warm feeling. I truly love Minnesota and it will always be my home state.

Then I spent a week at Camp Cherith, the Christian Bible camp on the Vergas Trails, which is quite different from where I had just came. But that's another story.