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Life would be too predictable as 'Twilight'

The Twilight Saga movies are now all released, and "Twilight" has easily been one of the most successful stories on print and on the big screen.

People are completely in love with the series, like the saga but aren't obsessed, or hate it. I like the Twilight series overall, but I have to ask myself -- why do people like Twilight?

Bella is an insecure high school student who moves to a small town and can't fit in anywhere. Her parents are divorced, and she feels lonely. We all feel lonely and insecure, and so Bella appeals especially to teenage girls.

However, unlike most insecure, lonely teenage girls, Bella has a hot, mysterious boy who loves her. Edward is different than most teenage boys; he actually knows how to get a girl, doesn't get into trouble at school and can survive for five minutes without punching or kicking another guy (an extremely difficult feat for any high school boy).

Plus, he's super strong, hot, rich and gorgeous. You don't find that in the average high school student.

There's also Jacob, the rebel. Jacob, like Edward, is a monster, equally hot and truly cares about Bella. He also has a wild, angry side that is attractive to those who don't like Edward's supposedly calm composure. One of the story's funny points is that Bella's dad, Charlie, wants her to go with the dangerous option.

A lot of girls and women would love nothing more than to have two hot monsters after them, even though a love triangle like that would not be fun. Both Edward and Jacob have traits any teenage girl would kill to have in boyfriend, even though going with either of them could result in death. It would be so boring if a war didn't break out the moment Bella chose Edward.

One of the story's strong points is that the side characters are really interesting.

If you don't like Edward because he's a control freak or Jacob because he's too dangerous, you still can't help but love Alice. Alice is the perfect sister, always fun, into fashion and never fights with Bella. I don't have any siblings, but I'm pretty sure if I did, they wouldn't always side with me.

Jasper has a scarred history, Emmett is unbelievably strong even for a vampire, and Rosalie is drop dead gorgeous, but still has substance.

Carlisle and Esme, the perfect parents, are the bow on top of the dream family.

Outside of the vampire clan, the wolves have their own story to tell. The wolf pack is made up of tough teenage boys with anger issues. Leah is thrown in to please the feminists. Each of the members has his or her own story to tell; the Quileutes have a bloody bonfire tale.

I have a hard time following Gaza and Israel, but vampire politics are easy to understand. It doesn't even get complicated with three sides fighting with the Cullens; the werewolves, Victoria's newborn army, and the Volturi. In Twilight, the bad guys lose and the werewolves and vampires eventually get along.

Our world is crazy and messed up, but Bella's world is understandable. She has relatable emotions and humans/vampires/werewolves who will always love her. We all want to be wanted, have an action filled life and everything to be work out. But life would be too predictable if it was like "Twilight."

Holly McCamant is a freshman at Frazee-Vergas High School.