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The world is going to end - but who really buys that?

December 2012 has finally arrived. Supposedly, on either Dec. 21 or 23, 2012, the world is going to end. Most of us, though, aren't sold.

In the past, there have been plenty of predictions that the end of time is coming. Since Biblical times, we have scared ourselves into thinking the world will end. Even though the Bible says that no one knows the judgment day except for God, many people have believed that they do. From the Millerites cult to the millennium, humans have been predicting the end at every opportunity.

This time, the Maya calendar is ending. The Mayans lived hundreds of years ago and were very advanced in their calculations and paid careful attention to astronomy. Some people assume that since that the calendar ends in December 2012, therefore, the world must end.

However, the Mayans don't even believe the world is going to end. According to the modern Mayans in Guatemala, the end of the calendar is the end of a cycle. Humans and nature will live peacefully instead of a doomsday. So no, the predictions in the movie 2012 will not come true.

Even NASA has confirmed that the world will not end. The only thing that will happen -- brace yourself -- is a very scary December solstice. There will be no chaos on Earth or polar shifts.

We have always felt a need to scare ourselves. Whether we want followers, money or just assurance in something, we will go to any lengths to get what we want.

We'll even scare the whole human population and create cults. Movies, songs and books will be created. Parties will happen. This will happen over and over again, and I don't think the predictions will ever stop.

If you're still concerned about missing Christmas, keep this in mind, the Maya's calendar is circular. When it ends, the calendar is meant to be turned to the beginning.

It's kind of like having to buy a new calendar after the year ends. Also, the Maya didn't count leap years. If the world were supposed to end, it would have ended a while ago.

This is one of more entertaining possible apocalypses. This Earth has many more years, but I doubt we'll have such a widely known doomsday ahead of us again.

Holly McCamant is a freshman at Frazee-Vergas High School.