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Once again, city, schools recognized as Groundwater Guardian communities

The City of Detroit Lakes, Rossman Elementary School and Holy Rosary Catholic School have been named 2012 Groundwater Guardian Communities by the Groundwater Foundation of Lincoln, Neb., in recognition of efforts to protect local groundwater supplies.

Groundwater Guardian is a program of The Groundwater Foundation, which encourages and recognizes local groundwater protection and education activities. Groundwater Guardians form teams of local stakeholders that implement activities to address local groundwater concerns and issues.

The City of Detroit Lakes has been designated as a Groundwater Guardian for 17 years, and Rossman and Holy Rosary for 11 years each.

"I'm so proud to recognize the teams in Detroit Lakes 2012 Groundwater Guardians," says Groundwater Guardian Director Jennifer Wemhoff. "Groundwater Guardians like these in Detroit Lakes are taking steps to educate people and protect the precious resource of groundwater in their communities, and we are thrilled to honor their achievement."

Groundwater Foundation President Jane Griffin echoed Wemhoff's statement.

"Our Groundwater Guardians embody The Groundwater Foundation's mission to educate people and inspire action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations. We're so grateful for their commitment to groundwater protection."

In 2012, the Detroit Lakes teams coordinated to pair students with city mentors to learn more about the importance of groundwater, its protection and conservation. Students then held festivals for over 1,000 student, teachers, parents and community members.

Students took tours of wells, water plants, water towers with their mentors and gave presentations about what they had learned.

The Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization that began in 1985. Since then, the Foundation's programs, projects and resources that have educated youth and adults about the importance of groundwater and ways they can help protect it.

For more information about Groundwater Guardian or The Groundwater Foundation, call 800-858-4844, e-mail or visit the website