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Nice day for being part of the team, learning new technique

In the fall, I do cross country running. When it's spring, I run long distance track. During the summer, I put on as many miles as I can.

In the winter, since I can't run, I ski. I enjoy cross country skiing because it gives me the chance to be outside when it's too cold to run. The world is a different place in the winter, and when I ski, I get the chance to experience the same experience that I have when I run.

Over the winter break, I really haven't had much to do. I've been feeling kind of sick over the past week, but on Saturday, I was starting to feel better. So, my dad and I decided to take advantage of the good weather and go over to Rainbow Resort to ski.

Rainbow Resort is a nice little cross country ski resort just north of Tamarac Wildlife Refuge. It has ski trails both on a lake and through the forests. The trails weren't crowded and the trail pass was inexpensive. It took a while to get there, but it was worth the long drive.

Most of the trails there are skate ski trails, so that's what my dad and I started out doing. However, I didn't really know the correct way to skate ski, so I wasn't doing too well.

My arms were dead in five minutes and my dad wasn't too impressed with my speed. I had trouble holding my poles because I needed to warm my fingers up. My dad and I agreed we needed to get back to the lodge.

Unfortunately, there was a ski team from the Twin Cities that got to witness my not so beautiful finish to the waxing shed. I really needed to do better.

After I actually woke up from my haze, the blood was flowing in my fingers, and after I got hydrated, my dad and I were ready to go out again. This time, though, my dad was not going to let me go with no skate skiing knowledge.

My dad started talking with the ski coach. He wanted to know if there was a girl on the team who could give me some pointers on how to skate ski. My dad didn't exactly expect the coach to teach me himself, but he said, "Sure, I can help you for a few minutes. Meet me down on the lake in 10 minutes."

Rob, the coach, started with the basics. The way he taught me was a lot easier than what I had been doing. I caught on quickly and soon I was learning how to perfect my form. That "couple of minutes of help" had turned into a half an hour private lesson.

The one thing that surprised me is that I was actually enjoying skate skiing -- something that I had dreaded before.

We went back on the trails. This time, my arms stayed strong, and I was the one correcting my dad's form. This was skiing at its best.

We would've skied longer, but the cold was working its way into my mittens and there was going to be relays on the lake that my dad and I wanted to see.

The cross country team from the Cities was doing a workout on the lake, which consisted of relays, with the skiers using different strokes. What they did wasn't easy, including double pulling without any kick strokes across half the lake.

However, I still have to envy them. They have a team of people who do a sport that I enjoy.

It felt nice, being part of a team for one day. Sure, the team wasn't exactly talkative, but we all liked skiing. Frazee doesn't have a ski team and I can't join Detroit Lakes' without transferring. Even though I can't go to Rainbow Resort every day, I enjoyed that one chance.

Holly McCamant is a freshman at Frazee-Vergas High School.