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Despite no smell, e-readers not that bad

Ever since I was 2 and convinced my mom that I just had to know how to read, I have been reading as much as I can.

I've read a lot, even now, because whenever I see words, I automatically read them. Since I've read so much, I have grown to be very picky about reading. My whole life I've been raised on paper books, but recently, I got a Kindle Fire.

I wasn't so sure about reading off a computer at first. When I buy a book, I usually lend it multiple times and read it over and over again. You can't lend an e-book.

Also, there's an amazing smell that comes with new books that all bookworms love. Unless you've done something cruel to your Kindle, it's not going to have any particular smell. You can have a hundred books on it, but that's nothing compared to the wonderful sight of a bookshelf full of your favorite books.

I soon discovered that reading off an e-reader isn't so bad. When you read a book, there are usually a lot of words you don't know. Who wants to spend five minutes and have to get a big heavy book out to read microscopic print just to find the definition to one word?

I haven't met anyone who is that dedicated to achieving vocabulary perfection. However, on my Kindle, I just have to hold my finger down on the word and the definition pops up.

I find it nice that you can take notes in the book. It's a lot like yelling at the characters on the television, but without the noise and way more satisfying. When something's totally against your views, you can spend a long time typing a rant about how terrible it is and no one will criticize you or say you're wrong.

Reading tablets are not always for reading, though. Computer games have never been my thing, but I am proud to say that I have downloaded two games onto my Kindle.

My dad and I have a lot of fun acing all of the words for Hangman Geography. Pacman is perfect when you need a break from memorizing the Krebs cycle for your Biology final and will scream if you read "five-carbon compound" again. My parents enjoy Pacman too; they spent a lot of time playing that game when I first introduced it to them.

The feature my dogs enjoy the most is the front camera. I have had a lot of fun taking pictures with them. No, taking pictures is not half as fun as skijoring or running with the human, but the device is fun to sniff at. Other than that, they aren't really interested in my new toy.

I will still keep on buying paper versions of my favorite books. When the third book to the Divergent trilogy comes out, the paper book is definitely going on my bookshelf.

Overall, having a book on a Kindle is more convenient and less expensive, but owning the electronic version does not compare to seeing the Harry Potter series on your bookshelf, thinking about how you still enjoy the stories even though you've read them seven times.

No matter how advanced technology gets, I believe we will still have paper books.

Holly McCamant is a freshman at Frazee-Vergas High School.