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Berit Ramstad Skoyles: Easter isn’t same with trip to hospital

For me, Easter Sunday is always filled with colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and pastel colors. In Chile, my Easter Sunday was filled with Easter eggs that weren’t meant for me, mayonnaise and a trip to the hospital.

My sister woke me up at about 10 a.m. and insisted that we go on our egg hunt. Obviously, the egg hunt is my favorite part of Easter, but not at 10 in the morning. After some resistance, I finally got up and we proceeded with the egg hunt.

Chocolate eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies were scattered around the yard in extremely obvious places. Therefore, it only took us about five to 10 minutes to find them all. After all the chocolate was found, we divided it into six bowls so everyone received their share.

Twenty minutes later when my mom gave bowls out to everyone but me, I was a bit shocked. I couldn’t figure out why I was the only one not to receive any candy. I put it out of my mind, trying not to think about it.

My family hosted lunch with my grandmother and my mother’s two brothers with their families. One of my mother’s brothers has a 1-year-old daughter named Julieta. She is so incredibly adorable; I can’t even handle it.

She was constantly asking for cheese, crackers and the pool. I don’t know why, but she spent the majority of her time throwing food at my sister’s dog and staring at me.

This lunch was the best family lunch I’ve had in Chile. Everyone talked to me, I was included in the conversations, and I was treated like a part of the family. It made me very happy.

When lunch was over and everyone left our house, I went to the super market to buy Easter candy for myself and for my secret friend. (For Easter, the students in my class are giving Easter candy to other students in the class. It’s like a Secret Santa, but on Easter.)

My friend, Duck Lake, and I made our way through the pouring rain on our bicycles to purchase our eggs. We found chocolate eggs that you could paint, chocolate bunnies and chocolate covered almonds.

Duck Lake is my favorite person to go to the super market with. Every time we go, we always end up buying marshmallow cream and grapes to eat in the parking lot. It’s rather disgusting, but we eat it anyway.

Two hours after Duck Lake and I said our goodbyes, I received a call from my best friend, Sarah, informing me that Duck Lake was in the hospital. Neither of us knew what had happened to him or what was going on, so we were worried. We tried to call his parents, but they didn’t respond.

Sarah, Maria and I went to visit Duck Lake to see what was going on. It was bad, but nothing life threatening or extremely horrible. His dog decided it would be a great idea to attack his face. Because of that, Duck Lake can now eat.....Jello! Such a healthy diet. We’re all hoping for a speedy recovery on his part.

Even though this Easter wasn’t the best one, it turned out all right. It turns out my brother took my share of the candy, and that eventually got straightened out so I got some Easter candy. 

Duck Lake’s surgery went well and he is expected recover just fine.

Even as eventful as my Easter in Chile was, I don’t wish for one like it ever again. I’m perfectly fine with searching for candy and colored eggs in my living room and not having to make trips to the hospital. 

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a junior at Detroit Lakes High School and is studying abroad in Chile this year.