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Berit Ramstad Skoyles: Bad waffles and cool pants trump weekend of cat pictures, chocolate

There are days when I feel like doing nothing — when all I want to do is eat chocolate, listen to Christmas music and stare at pictures of my cat.

Now, those days don’t happen very often, but I’ve definitely experienced a few of them. This weekend was, by far, not one of those weekends.

My weekend started with my friend Cristobal’s birthday party on Friday night. He goes to a different school than I do, so I don’t know many of his friends. We have four or five mutual friends and that’s it so the party was a bit awkward.

A “bit” awkward doesn’t do justice to how strange the first hour of this party was.

He lives with his grandparents on the weekends so the 12 of us were gathered in the living room of their house. The strange part was not the fact that we were in his grandparents’ living room, but the fact that the room was littered with African-like objects.

There were statues of people with crazy hair, weird herbal shaking things, statues of naked African women and wild animal print things where ever you looked.

Complementing the unusual decor was some unfamiliar music. The stereo was playing animal noises with clicking noises in the background. None of us could figure out what was going on with that music so it was quickly changed.

After the animal noises were gone the music was actually good, so the party turned out to be great.

One of my best friends and I spent the night acting weird and being ourselves — not an unusual thing for me. She taught me how to speak like Donald Duck and hiss like a cat while I showed her my talents of crossing only one eye and raising the side of my lip to touch my nose.

She enjoyed them so much that she started crying, laughing and screaming at the same time.

What can I say, I’m quite the talented girl.

Although I am not ready to go back to speaking English on a full time basis, once in a while it’s nice to have a night of my native language. My friend Emma and I had a “gringa” sleepover on Saturday night and we spent the night indulging in our favorite foods from the States.

The sleepover started in the center of my town at the thrift store. As we all know, I am absolutely in love with thrift stores. You tend to find rather unattractive, but fantastic things buried in the racks and bins.

We had only been in the thrift store for five minutes when I came across the best pair of pants to ever exist on this planet. I mean, these pants are even better than my elephant pants. (And those pants are quite the sight.)

I am now the proud owner of green, yellow, pink, black and white zig zagged pants.

Words do not describe the awesomeness of these pants.

When we arrived to Emma’s house, we decided to make waffles. Little did we know that her host family owns the worst waffle maker I have ever used. The waffles that turned out fine would take 15 minutes to cook. It terms of how long the others took to make, that was no time at all.

The waffles that took 25 minutes to cook weren’t the best. If we put the waffle iron down the waffle would puff up until the waffle iron was halfway open. It was a mess.

A whole two hours later of waffle making for the family and ourselves, we were left with six waffles. Just let that sink in. Six waffles — two hours. Let’s just say that we’ll be making waffles at my house from now on.

To top off the evening, we decided to throw ourselves a fashion show. I have those wonderful pants to pose in, you know. We strutted down the upstairs hallway while taking pictures and listening to blasting music.

At one point we were interrupted by Emma’s sister. Boy, was that awkward.

As much as I love eating chocolate, listening to Christmas music and staring at pictures of my lovely cat Bernice, I much prefer my weekends to be filled with awkward birthday parties and sleepovers. They tend to be more entertaining and can result in meeting new people and more importantly, owning the best pants in the world.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a junior at Detroit Lakes High School and is studying abroad in Chile.