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Thompson sisters win at competition

Winners at the Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) State Contest at Ferguson Hall, University of Minnesota, on March 16 were Marissa Thompson, Junior B Division, and Maren Thompson, Intermediate B Division.  Alternate was Ahna Thompson performing in the Primary Division.

Marissa performed a contemporary selection, entitled “Butterfly Waltz” by Jane Montgomery.  Maren performed a Baroque selection, an MMTA Level 9 syllabus piece, entitled “Passacaglia” by C.F. Witt.

Maren Thompson

Each year, MMTA sponsors a state piano contest.  Pianists with the highest scores in the state finals are selected to perform in the State Honors Concert. 

This concert will be performed in an ensemble setting, with 20 pianos on stage for each division, involving 700 piano students.  The event takes place at the Minneapolis Convention Center on May 18.

Maren, Marissa and Ahna are the daughters of Jenna and David Thompson, Audubon, and piano students of Audrey Savig, Audubon.

Ahna Thompson

Turmans to perform May 4

Anna Turman and Lily Turman have successfully completed levels in their piano studies with their teacher, Audrey Savig. 

The students have chosen to test in the Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) Comprehensive Piano Syllabus Exam.  Lily, 7, will be testing in Preparatory Level.  Anna, 11, will be testing in Level 2.

The Preparatory Exam includes keyboard skills, two contrasting compositions, and sight-playing.  The Level 2 Exam includes keyboard skills, three contrasting compositions from the Baroque, Classical and Contemporary Eras, and sight-playing.

Marissa Thompson

The exam will be given at the First Lutheran Church on May 4.  Anna and Lily are the daughters of Billie and Dave Turman of Detroit Lakes, and the piano students of Audrey Savig, Audubon.