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Online school giving presentation in DL May 14

MTS Minnesota Connections Academy will be in Detroit Lakes on Tuesday, May 14, from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Holiday Inn, hosting a free information session for prospective parents and students.

MTS Minnesota Connections Academy is a virtual K-12 public school program that students across the state attend from home. The program combines state-certified teachers, high-quality curriculum, unique technology tools, an extensive selection of electives and clubs, and community experiences to create a supportive and successful environment for children looking for an individualized approach to education.

With the program’s unique Personalized Performance Learning approach, students use daily lesson plans and curriculum materials provided by Connections Academy. Teachers develop a personalized Learning Plan for each student, whose progress is tracked through a proprietary, web-based Learning Management System. Students who attend MTS Minnesota Connections Academy work with their teachers via e-mail, live online lessons, text-based curriculum, webcasts, telephone conversations and more, while an adult “Learning Coach” monitors progress in the home.

The program is designed to meet the needs of students and their families who are looking for a unique public school option — those who need a flexible schedule, learn at a different pace from their peers, need more individualized attention or live in isolated rural settings.

Homebound and previously home-schooled students can also thrive in the program.

Connections Academy operates its full-time Internet school program in Minnesota through a partnership with Minnesota Transitions Charter School.

Families interested in free online school with some similarities to home schooling, but with the support of state-certified teachers and the accountability of public education are encouraged to learn more by calling 800-382-6010 or visiting