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Career certificates awarded

Career & Technical Education Skills Certificates were awarded to a number of students in the agriculture category for either welding and/or small engines. Submitted Photo

On Tuesday, May 22, students at Detroit Lakes High School were awarded Career & Technical Education Skills Certificates.

The certificates demonstrate a student’s proficiency and high level of achievement in the curriculum for the course. These skills have been identified by the instructors at DLHS and business and industry leaders in the community as the essential entry-level skills for the different occupational areas. 

The certificates also demonstrate that the students have very good “Soft Skills” (career readiness skills). These instructors presented Skills Certificates in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurship – Amy Knopf, instructor, Molly Hill, Dayla Migler, Michael Richter, Ariann Rousu, Jordan Stalberger, Matlyn Tschider
  • Accounting – Jeri Sakrismo, instructor, Dayla Migler, Michael Richter, Ben Tjepkes, Clare Woytassek
  • Computer Applications – Jeri Sakrismo, Logan Bergquist, Alexis Doran, Shantel Kluenenberg
  • FACS – Amy Vanvalkenburg, instructor
  • Child Development: Brielle Boeckel, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Katrina Block, Hannah Ianiro, Sadie Larson, Simona-Liane Y Woodard-Greene
  • Advanced Foods: Alishia Kulzer, Katrina Block, Braeden McDougall, Breanna Caham, Claire Nelmark, Devree Bunnis
  • Agriculture – Trescha Mitchell, instructor
  • Welding: Preston Hubbs, Zack Dahring, Mike Crowell, Gary Garza, Thomas Tjepkes, Taylor Beck, Justin Beck, Hunter Karger, Jacob Lehmann, Adam Merkens, Matthew Schlauderaff, Tyler Stalberger, Ryan Wokasch, Josh Eischens, Jona Friesen, Jacob Lingl, Dylan Ruchti, Logan Sonnenberg
  • Small Engines: Chase West, Joshua Tucker, Bryant Swiers, John Schumacher, Alexander Bohmer, Kristina Bryant, Logan Conklin, Jesse Davidson, Austen Dickinson, Levi Johnson, Brandon Johnson, Kalon Meyer