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An (old-time) blaze of glory

Paul George and Steve Cameron's vintage Arctic Cat zips by on the ice of Big Detroit Lake during this weekend's Regional One Lunger Association's One Lunger 100, a 100 mile endurance race for vintage snowmobiles.1 / 5
Dan Larson of Howard Lake works on the drive train he snapped eight laps into Saturday's One Lunger 100. He also broke a ski on the second lap, but ran the race without repairing that. Conditions were reported as choppy, with some large moguls on Big Detroit Lake.2 / 5
Joel Wilke and Greg Larson's yellow Ski-Doo led a pack of vintage sleds down a straight-away during Saturday's One Lunger 100 on Big Detroit Lake. It was part of a 100-mile race for vintage snowmobiles.3 / 5
The ice of Big Detroit Lake was filled with vintage snowmobiles Saturday and Sunday afternoons, participating in ROLA's One Lunger 100. Last weekend's One Lunger 100 had 90 entrants. Participants made 25 laps around the four mile course on Detroit Lakes.4 / 5
The team of Jay Spaeth and Scot Olsen ran most of Saturday's One Lunger 100 without a hood on their vintage Arctic Cat sled. The team ended up taking second place in the HR stock class.5 / 5