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Jaycees offering turkey legs, drinks at Polar Plunge

For the first time, the Detroit Lakes Jaycees are offering one more option for those outside during the Feb. 13 Polar Plunge -- and it's a warm one.

"From the ice, we'll have coffee and hot chocolate, and we'll have the adult beverages in those same drinks," Jaycee Jon Olson said.

"As far as food, we were trying to think what we could serve that would be something people can eat while they're outside."

So, they came up with jumbo turkey legs, like at the fair.

"We're going to be grilling them up so they can eat with their mitts on," he said.

The Jaycees will also have water, soda, beer and hot dogs available.

Since this is the first year the Jaycees will be having a tent with food and beverages, Olson said they would have to see how it goes before ironing out any kinks for next time.

"I certainly hope this is a long-standing tradition with the Jaycees helping out during that event."

Olson said the Jaycees is such a young group of people just interested in getting involved with more activities than the traditional ones, like Water Carnival, they thought they'd give this event a try this year. All proceeds from their sales will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes.

Also to help with the plunge, they pledged as an organization to have their admirals jump, but so far "we've had some resistance," he said. But at least Heather Kidi of the Jaycees is jumping for sure, he added.

For those wishing to stay indoors, Party in the Tavern tickets are still on sale but going fast, Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Pat Petermann said.

During the party, there will be chance for raffle prizes -- 42-inch plasma television, AstroStart including installation, a Twin Cities getaway package and a Tikka T-3 25-06 shotgun with 2x7 Nikon scope -- games, and people can watch the jump on the TVs in the warmth of Lakeside.

But, those outside might as well warm up with some hot chocolate and turkey legs.

"It brings another facet to the event as far as having something outside for those people who are enjoying the plunge and want a drink or turkey leg or hot chocolate," Petermann said. "And if they have their family along, they can make it more of a family time together and enjoy it out on the lake."

There's always room for more jumpers, too. This year, jumpers will be jumping toward West Lake Drive for more visibility.

Anyone interested can contact Petermann at 847-5700 or go to