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Challenges/Reality Everywhere, now here with Detroit Lakes Area's very own Weight Loss Challenge

A local area resident has launched a 12-week non-profit course that offers tips on nutrition and exercise, along with the flair of competition, which is popular today.

Donna Miller is a personal wellness coach who runs the Weight Loss Challenge. The program gives us a chance to advertise and help fight the battle of obesity by educating people about a better overall lifestyle.

The goal is for people to feel good and look great and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The cost to join the 12-week nutrition program is $35 for the 12-week program and $25 of each fee collected will be paid out in cash and prizes to the top 3 winners. Specific rules will be in place to keep everyone consistent.

Fail to weigh-in? Pay a $5 fee, as well as a $1 fee per pound gained. These fees will be added to the cash payout.

Miller says, "People love the accountability and it really helps them to stay on track. They totally enjoy the fun atmosphere, the people, the short discussion and the online site with weekly topics shared at each class."

Participants can use any weight-loss program they'd like, whether it be Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Herbalife or a customized plan. Miller will work with each person to find what works best for them or if they need guidance, she can help.

All participants will weigh in each week, and the three with the highest percentage of weight loss at the end of the program will split the monies collected. It is based on percentage, which makes it equal competition for men and women.

"Our Goal is to encourage people to lose weight and inches and get healthy by eating a healthy level of protein and calories each day and teaches the benefits of good nutrition and exercise. Seating is limited, so call! Come! Join!" Miller says.

The Detroit Lakes Area Weight Loss Challenge begins Tuesday, Sept. 21, at noon or 5:30 p.m. Please Pre-register.

The classes are held at 418 State Street E., Detroit Lakes.

For Information and to pre-register, call 888-202-7513. It's not to late to join.

(The Wellness Coaches are available for Corporate Weight Loss Challenges as well.)