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Is human nature inherently good or evil? Great American Think-Off's 20th debate set Saturday in NYM

The question of whether the nature of humankind is inherently good or evil will be debated this Saturday, June 9, as the 20th annual Great American Think-Off gets underway at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center.

The four Think-Off finalists will face off starting at 7 p.m. A reception will follow immediately after the debate concludes.

Marsh Muirhead, a dentist and poet from Bemidji, won the contest last year on the subject of "Does poetry matter?"  and he is returning to argue for humankind's inherent goodness.  Joining in the debate are Adam Bright, a student from Syracuse University who will argue evil; Ed DeLong, a retired naval officer, also evil; and Marie Anderson, a school employee and writer of short fiction, who will argue for the side of the inherent goodness of humankind.

Joining the evening's festivities will be John Davis, the founder of the Cultural Center and the Think-Off; several of the contestants from the very first Great American Think-Off 20 years ago; and Alan Linda, who moderated the airst 18 Think-Off debates, who will return with some comments from Think-Off history.

And don't miss Alice Martin's collection of Think-Off trivia (published in the program each Think-Off audience member will receive).

George Biltz will be the moderator of the debate again this year and tickets are available at the Cultural Center. 

Just call 218-385-3339 to reserve your ticket at the pre-event price of $12, or you can purchase them online at Brown Pa

per Tickets.

Tickets will also be available at the door on Saturday evening for $15 each. Cultural Center members get a $2 discount on the ticket price and student admission is $5.

Think-Off coffee, mugs, and tee-shirts will be for sale the night of the debate as well.

For more information, visit the Think-Off website at