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A parade of snowplows

Roger Boe, left, and Fred Daggett jokingly warm their hands with one of the 'candle logs' that will light the way for the Frazee Snowplow Parade on Nov. 29. Photo courtesy of John Dermody/Frazee Forum

While some area communities choose to celebrate the upcoming holidays with a "Redneck Holidazzle Parade" or "Santa's Grand Parade of Lights," Frazee is sticking to something a little more simple: Snowplows.

Frazee's inaugural Snowplow Parade is set to take place on Thursday, Nov. 29, starting at 6 p.m., and parade organizer Roger Boe promises that plows of all shapes and sizes will line the streets of downtown Frazee.

Though hosted by the Frazee Community Club, the parade is actually the brainchild of three local residents: Boe, Fred Daggett and John Dermody, who basically "sat down one day and started putting together a plan."

"Fred came to me about three years ago and asked, 'What do you think of doing a snowplow parade?'" Boe recalled.

Initially a bit skeptical, Boe slowly began warming up to the idea, and this fall, he was the one who approached Daggett and said, "Let's put this together."

John Dermody was also brought on board to help with the organizing and publicity for the event, Boe added.

Daggett has lined up participants including plows from the Minnesota Department of Transportation -- which will be bringing its newest, largest plow to lead the parade -- as well as Becker County, Detroit Lakes, Vergas, Perham and Burlington Township.

In addition, dozens of private snow plowing contractors are expected to participate, along with pretty much "anyone who has a shovel," Boe joked.

"They can even put some advertising on their vehicle and get some added mileage from it," he said.

Parade participants will be asked to check-in at Daggett Truck Lines at 5 p.m. on Nov. 29, so they can be lined up in time for the 6 p.m. start. Anyone who would like to sign up for the parade should contact Boe at 334-4300, or John Dermody at 847-7441. For more information about the staging of the parade, contact Fred Daggett at 334-3711.

Two grand marshals for the parade have also been chosen, Boe said. Hunter Haggart, 9, and Mason Krieg, 5, are the grandson and great-grandson, respectively, of the late Wilfred Andersen, who was a dedicated snowplow driver for the residents of Burlington Township for years, Boe said.

"He faithfully plowed and graded the roads of Burlington Township for many years," Boe said, adding that Andersen passed away about two months ago, and he and Daggett decided that they would like to find a way to honor his memory.

The parade route through downtown Frazee will be lit with a series of fire pits and "candle logs" -- a uniquely Minnesota invention that uses hollowed-out campfire logs with candles inside them, to burn the logs from the inside out.

Once the parade is over, the plow drivers are being asked to park their vehicles along the street so residents can take a look, Boe added.

But even though the parade is the main attraction of the evening, downtown Frazee retailers are being asked to get in on the action as well; the Frazee Community Club is hoping to spur a local holiday shopping boom.

Retailers like Boe, who owns the BackYard Station, are being asked to stay open until 7:30 p.m. and offer special holiday treats and discounts to shoppers.

Frazee's newest restaurant, the Hostel Hornet, will also be having its official opening that day, Boe noted, and will be offering some good specials as well.

"It's going to be a fun thing!" Boe exclaimed, adding that he hasn't heard of another town that has organized a similar event.

"I've never heard of any other town that's done it (a snowplow parade)," he said, adding with a smile, "We don't want any copy-cats either."

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