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Holy Rosary ballroom fundraiser

Holy Rosary artists at work: Student art pieces are sold to guests at the Spring Interlude fundraiser. Submitted Photo

It’s time to slip on that ball gown, straighten that bow tie, and kick up your heals, as the 12th annual Holy Rosary Spring Interlude is just around the corner.

The event, which is Holy Rosary’s big fundraiser for arts and music, is set for Friday, April 19, at 5:30 in the Holmes Ballroom of the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center.

“This is the first time we’ve had it at the Holmes,” said Terri Paskey, who is helping to coordinate the event. “We always want to spread our love around to the businesses that always do so much to support us.”

This means Chef Josh Hanson of Spanky’s Stone Hearth will be whipping up his unique blend of dinner delectables, including gumbo hickory bacon wrapped shrimp with a BBQ glaze and a pepper berry rubbed pork tenderloin.

“Everything is so unique…everyone knows how Josh Hanson is such a good chef,” said Paskey, who calls the dinner “formal.” The three course meal includes turtle and strawberry cheesecakes from Creamy Creations.

“The theme is ‘Come to the Ball,’ and so we’re hoping everyone will want to get out their gowns, but of course everyone can come in casual, too, but we’re hoping to see some ballroom gowns.”

The luxurious event will also include a live and silent auction as wells as raffles and a grand prize of a $1,000 gift certificate to Travel Travel.

“And everybody who attends is eligible to win that,” said Paskey, who says there are other big auction items like a spring planting party at Country Fields Greenhouse, numerous dinners and an orthodontic treatment from Dr. Harvey, who will auction off a set of braces and his skills to put them on.

“And people who have had kids that needed braces know those cost between $6,000 to $8,000, and the minimum bid on them is $4,000, so there is the potential to save a lot of money there,” said Paskey.

And of course, the highlight of the night is the Holy Rosary School Student Art Collection, which is sold to guests.

“This year they are painting their feet and making beautiful paintings,” said Paskey, “so the 8th grade is somehow doing Noah’s Arc, and the whole school is doing footprints on the sand, and they’re on canvas, so they’re just beautiful.”

This fundraiser is a way to keep and enhance music and the arts at Holy Rosary, and has been for 12 years when the programs were threatened by budget issues.

“Music and art in education is very important because there’s evidence that it produces better learning and better citizens,” said Paskey.

DJ Jimmy Anderson will be entertaining the crowd of an expected 250 guests as he plays dancing tunes, including those for ballroom dancing.

New to the event this year is the first ever Legacy Award, which is being awarded to Florence Hutchinson, who has worked at Holy Rosary for over 30 years.

“She’s been the housekeeper there, and all these years she’s catered to everyone else, and so this year we’re honoring her with this award,” said Paskey. “Everybody at the school and church has a Florence story.”

Tickets for the grand event can be purchased at Holy Rosary. For more information, log on to