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Akeley police chief resigns under pressure

Eric Klein has been Akeley's police chief since 2005.

Akeley police chief Eric Klein resigned Tuesday just hours before an "executive meeting" was to convene "to discuss the internal investigation and possible discipline" of Klein.

Klein was placed on administrative leave in January for alleged misconduct.

Following Klein's resignation the council held a five-minute meeting with a single motion to accept his resignation later Tuesday.

There was no further discussion or action on filling the position, according to deputy clerk Denise Rittgers.

The council approved a half-time police officer position in December, the hours cut from full-time due to budgetary constraints.

The council has not publicly discussed the allegations against Klein, who was hired in 2005. He came to Akeley from Silver Lake. He resigned from that position in 2004 after receiving an unfavorable performance review from the city council there.